The one part of renovation we all try to avoid

Choosing your flooring can be the most daunting task of any renovation because once its on, that's it. This isn't something you can easily replace like a piece of furniture. This is why it is so important to plan ahead and make sure you are fully confident with your choice. Here we will provide a little checklist to start you off in your research.

Determine the environment

Determine what will take place in this environment. Is there high foot traffic, will water or other liquids be present, will heavy items be placed on it, room temperature/humidity?

Determine your style

Determine what styles you like and what works with the other elements of the room. What type of furniture will be present, paint color, lighting,...etc.

Determine the Type of Flooring

There are many different types of materials and designs flooring can come in and each has their own pros and cons. This can be anything from hardwood to stone tiling.

Determine installation method

How easy or difficult is it to install your flooring? Whether your hiring professionals or doing it yourself, this will ultimately have an impact on the final cost.

Determine the size

Different types of flooring are going to have limits on their dimensions such as hardwood. Those that do offer longer, wider or thicker options are going to cost more.

Determine Maintenance

How durable do you need your floor to be and if any damage does occur will you able to fix it or will you need to hire professionals. Is it prone to dents or scratches and can they be fixed.

Determine the Cost

Lastly, your budget will ultimately determine the boundaries of your selection. This will help decide between different brands and type of flooring depending on your square footage, which ultimately influences your choice.