You love your home and your property but you can't help but feel something isn't right. You know that you purchased the home years ago but it can't just be that. You feel like something needs to change but what, and where do you even start. Here's a checklist that can maybe help you decide if now is the time to renovate.

Your home is exhibiting clear signs of deterioration.
Remodeling can be necessary sometimes especially if there are parts of your home that are falling apart. This could be anything from a leaky roof to rotting floors or any structural issues. These are issues that should not be ignored, as they will only lead to more expensive and possibly dangerous problems down the road. Not only that but this will impact your ability to sell the home in the future if you plan to.

You have the money to do so.
Renovating your home costs money, especially for major adjustments where a lot of planning needs to be done. If you have enough equity in your home, you may be able to cover the costs with a home equity loan.

You plan on living in this home long enough for it to be worth it.
Make sure that if you spend a lot during your renovation, you will recoup that value and more later on. Say if you were to sell your house right after you finished, what would it be worth compared to before you renovated it. There are though some areas and items that if renovated, dramatically boost the value of your home.

You might just need more space.
Your family might have grown since you first purchased the home or maybe your are looking for more privacy from your already existing family. If this is the case, you should meet with an architect to discuss if any walls can be taken down to create or space or to even add an addition if you can.

Your home could also feel out of date,
If you bought your property decades ago and at the time you bought it, it wasn't brand, chances are that you need an update. Renovating will make you appreciate your home more and enjoy spending time in the space.

Your spaces might not be functioning the way you want them to.
Maybe you keep running out of storage space in your bedroom and are bombarded by clutter. Or maybe you never seem to have enough kitchen space when cooking. This might be a sign its time to speak with an architect and renovate.

You might have extra unused space.
Maybe you have a bedroom that hasn't been used in years or maybe you have a dinning room that you only use on special occasions. It might be a good idea to combine some spaces into one. This will allow you to use the space more effectively.

You don't want to move.
You might be someone who is emotionally attached to your home or neighborhood and moving isn't an option. You have probably lived there for a large portion of your life and have many memories over the years. This is a common feeling that a lot of people who have live in one area for a long time have.

You are also someone who can handle the temporary inconvenience.
Renovating your home is a time consuming and messy project. If your going to be living in the same while construction is underway, you are going to be exposed to dust and dirt and loud noises. If you can handle changing your way of living for a few months then renovating might be for you.