Kitchen sinks, which can be an afterthought for some are a crucial utility in your home and one should be aware of what's out there when making a purchase for your kitchen. Here's a brief guide of the most common types of sinks you'll find on the marketplace.

The first question to ask is how many basins can you get in a sink. This can be anywhere from 1 to 3 mostly and there are pros and cons to each.

The first option is one large basin. The pros are that you can soak large pots and pans inside it. The cons are that it is difficult to multitask or wash multiple things at once.

The option you can find next are two different sizes (60/40). The pros are that you can work on multiple tasks at once. You can wash in one rinse in the other. The cons are the smaller sink wont be able to fit larger pots or pans.

You can also get two of the same size. The pros are the same as the one above and that it's symmetrical. The cons could be that pans might not fit in either of them.

When it comes to three basins, this is something that is more rare on the market place but is an option. The pros are you can use the garbage disposal independent of the sink, or rest items there that you wouldn't want touching other things in the other basins. The cons are that these sinks tend to be quite expensive and require a lot of kitchen space.

Next you will want to consider the shape of the sink. There are a few different options on the marketplace.

The first style is farmhouse style. This is basically one large basin where the front of the basin actually protrudes out the front of the counter without it being covered by cabinets. The pros of this style are since it sits a bit beyond the kitchen counter line, it can be a bit more accessible for shorter people.
The cons are that some might not like the look of having their sink basin exposed. If you do go for this style, make sure you are happy with how your sink looks with the rest of the kitchen.

Next is a double farmhouse which is similar to the first but with two basins instead of one. The pros are gonna be the same as double sink. The Cons are that it doesn't have the vintage aesthetic of the single basin if the traditional style was what you were going for.

Another style you can find is a sink with rounded sides. This might be little more rare and slightly more expensive but it might be worth it for you. The pros are that it's easier to clean edges because you get the corners better without food getting stuck in them. The cons are that it might not fit a minimalist aesthetic you want since everything else will be more angular.

This last style isn't used too often but it does have its purpose, which is a sink with a drainboard. He pros are that it's great for draining dishes and food when hand washing. The cons are that like having 3 basins, it will take up s a lot of counter-top space.

The Last question you need to ask is about the sink material which can vary a bit from durability to price.

The most common material is Stainless-Steel. The pros are that it's very durable and easy to clean. It's also not too expensive which is why its the standard for most people. The cons are that it can scratch or be stained from hard water.

The next material is porcelain which is seen as a high end material.
The pros are that this is a traditional vintage style for people who love color because of all the different colors you can get. The cons are that because porcelain is quite a delicate material, It can chip and scuff easily so its something you need to look after and be careful with if you do chose it.

The next material is a Granite Composite material which is relatively new and a bit higher end. The pros are that its quite durable and can resist scratches and chips. The cons are that it can possibly stain with lighter colors.

The last material is Natural Stone and this tends to be quite costly and rare.
The pros are apart from being very luxurious and boosting the value of your home, you can match your counter top exactly with an authentic look.
The cons are apart from being hard to find, it can scratch and chip and is costly.

Hopefully this breaks down the basics when it comes to kitchen sinks, simplifying the different options out there so you can focus on the rest of your Reno.