The most overlooked feature in your kitchen

A sink might not be something that is ever thought about when doing the planning for your kitchen renovation and isn't thought about until problems are faced. This makes a key element in kitchen planning to pay attention to.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing your sink to make sure you make the best decision possible and don't face problems in the future.

Consider the material

Different materials are going to be easier to clean and tougher to scuff. There are many materials out there and they all have their own properties when it comes to resilience.
Porcelain sinks are prone to stains and scuffs but it can be cleaned. Something more durable and practical like stainless steel might make the most sense, plus its very minimal and goes with almost every home.

Drop in or under-mount

Drop in means the sink sits on the counter leaving a little lip edge before the sink. An under-mount sits under the counter creating a seamless transition from the counter to sink. Under-mounts maximize the amount of counter space you have since the lip is underneath the counter. This is also a really clean, minimal and high end look that a lot of people like. plus it makes cleaning the counter easier since you don't have to butt up against an edge that gets caught with dirt and grime.
And if you plan to sell your home later on, this feature will raise the value of your home. Drop-ins are cheaper and allow you to install them yourself.

Choose the right size for your sink

This can depend on how often you use your sink, how many dishes you have or how intensive your cooking and cleaning is. The larger the sink the higher the price so standard sizes are recommended (22-33 inches). Also how large is your kitchen and how much counter space do you have is also a key factor.

Take into consideration your cabinets

What is the depth of your sink and can your cabinets hold its weight. Your cabinets are the foundation for your sink. Porcelain sinks filled with water can get pretty heavy and you want to make sure the rest of your cabinetry can hold the weight.

Single or double

Generally if you have the space and money, bigger is better. Double sinks are going to offer more space for dishes making cleanup easier. This also gives you the option of having a spot for clean and dirty dishes or having multiple people clean multiple dishes at the same time. Plus it gives you a bit more time before you actually have to do the dishes. If you don't have the space or budget there is still a single sink which does have its perks if you get one big one.

Hopefully this helps you make the best choice for your kitchen.